Por la fiesta de los toros y la amistad Anglo–Española - Founder George Erik 1959 
Honorary Vice-Presidents:  Ángel Peralta - José Miguel Arroyo ‘Joselito’ - Victorino Martín

29th May SAN ISIDRO CTL LUNCH IN MADRID with the presence of Ganadero Victorino Martin Garcia and Mexican Matador Luis David Adame (bother of Joselito Adame) who took his alternativa in Nimes last September

May 2017

CTL website user: Due to server issues the CTOL WEBSITE has been down. Fortunately this has now been fixed, however all updates and information since December 2016 has been lost. We are working to recover it and apolized for any inconvenience this may have cause. In the meanwhile we like INVITE YOU TO THE NEXT CTL MEETING that will take place in London on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 7.30 for 8, where a DVD of a remarkable corrida will be shown along with a presentation of highlights of the April CTL members capea in Sevilla.
The meeting is expected to count with the presence of CTL members who attended the wonderful Feria de Abril 2017.

December CTL Meeting 8 December  was attended by festive CTL members who shared plans for the 2017 season.




November CTL Meeting London will take place on Thursday 17.We will welcome Carlos Cazalis, the Spanish/Mexican photographer who has recently produced a book ‘Sangre de Reyes"The book gives a forthright and photographic view of the modern bullfight. The protagonists, both the famous introverted matador José Tomás and the bull, are exhibited throughout the book in all their beauty and strength in a series of back to back images where life and death crisscross, reaffirming that to live is to know how to die.”




5th October 2016-The Constitucional Court of Spain has declared the Catalonian Parlament is competent to regulate bullfights but not to ban them. The annoucement to revoke the ban has been postponed for unknown reasons . In July 2010 the Catalonian parlament decided to ban bullfights and the prohibition came into force on 2011. La Monumental de Barcelona is a privately own bullring which may raise hopes to the return of Corridas to Barcelona. At the end of the XIX century, 1896, Barcelona went on to be the Spanish city with more operative fix bullrings at the time. However the first antitaurine movements in the region are also recorded to have emerged in the beginnings of the XXth century.

CTL monthly meeting took place on THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER in London.  Paul Polansky, the award winning American author presented his incredibly entertaining recently published book ‘The Search for Bong Way Wong and the Chinese Bullfighters’. 


CTL LUNCH in MADRID took place succesfully on SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER

CTL members and friends enjoying the Madrid Feria de Otono gathered together in yet another exquisite CTL LUNCH
25 years anniversary of Franck Evans "EL INGLES" Alternativa 
The Manchester torero and acclaimed CTL member, celebrated this milestone appearing in a corrida mixta in Benamocarra, Malaga, with bulls of Julio de LaPuerta and sharing cartel with "El Arqueno" and novillero Jose Antonio Lavado. Franck took his alternativa on 30th july 1991 in Chillon, Ciudad Real from the hands of El Soro as his padrino,  Soro II as witness and bulls of Sanchez Arjona.
CONGRATULATIONS MAESTRO what an honor to have you as a member!


CTL member acclaimed as Pamplona hero

reported by the
Dayly Mail


Segovian Torero
Victor Barrio
dies in Teruel
after being fatally gored in the chest by his first bull, 'Lorenzo' 529Kg from ganaderia los Manos, SantaColoma.The wind uncovered Barrio during a muletazo and the bull  pinned him down to the ground and caught him in the side. Unconstious, he was rushed to the enfermeria but was declared dead soon after. The horn perforated his lung and thoracic aorta. Victor Barrio who had a late start in the taurine world at 20, was 29 and had taken the Alternativa in Madrid in 2012 following a succesful career as a novillero having won among other trophies, the CTL best Novillero of the Year in 2011, as sawn in below picture.

CTL-Presentation-to-Victor-Barrio_filteredPSE6.jpgSaturday 9th of July was the last corrida of the 2016 Feria del Angel. In such tragic afternoon he shared cartel with Morenito de Aranda and Curro Diaz who were devastated at the news. The corrida was suspended. Victor Barrio had remarcable classic manners and unusual elegance in his conception of toreo. His death is the first of a torero in Spain in the XXI century, but follows the terrible deaths of El Pana and novillero Renato Motta in Mexico and Peru this year.
The CTL joins in the taurine world sorrow and sends deepest sympathies to his wife, family, friends and anyone ever touched by his art.


JULY CTL meeting was attended by over a dozen members who sat at a round table and discussed in a tertulia manner the current temporada and recent events. Despite some younger members having trouble remembering some of the memorable faenas of this season, the knowledgeable contribution of heavy weight members (such as the President, the Divisa co-editor, the young German vocal, the Ventas expert, the busy agenda lady and the East London water drinker) enlightened the chat, and there was plenty of room for some amusing stories. 

CTL June meeting was attended by over 25 members delighted at the visit of rejoneador Luis Valdenebro hijo, who retired last year following a short but successful career , a review on his visit will appear in the next issue of La Divisa 

Mexican torero Rodolfo Roriguez "El Pana" died a month after the injury that ended his 37 year career. Reported by
Daily Mail ...in your own words Pana, may God bless you for having loved so much

The Kill of  El Toro de la Vega has been banned by a Decree passed by the PP conservative regional goverment of Castilla Leon. The socialist mayor of Tordesillas, where the festival takes place since it was reinstalled (having been banned by dictator Franco), will appeal. For those members of the public fearing this is a step back in the defence of a embedded cultural heritage, used as a political token, the Platform for the defence of El Toro de la Vega has created this
 website where you can leave comments or not.

~2016 San Isidro CTL Lunch, took place 27 May in Madrid~
with the presence of the Guest of Honour: D. Adolfo Martin Andres
, reported by Opinion y Toros (in Spanish)
' now on e-book Brian Harding's translation to English of Joselito's acclaimed Autobiography is available at a special launching prize of just 6,90£ 
Peruvian Novillero Renato Motta fatally gored in Ayacucho, has died while being transported to Nazca Hospital, reported by Cultoro (in Spanish)
  May his courageous soul Rest in Peace

Boris, Bullfights & Brexit 
reported by City A.M. 
Simon Courtlauld's
(NB the  last 5 words!)
British matador Frank Evans appeared in a mano a mano with Juan Arias in Mijas on 22 May. Reported byLas cosas del toro (Spanish)


Carteles Feria Fogueres  Sant Joan, Alicante 22-26 Jun & 7 August

"Gored" about @ANTONIOBARRERAC. was the subject of April's meeting. 
13 March - CTL Joins Valencia March in support of La Fiesta   
A distinguised group of CTL members joined thousands of other aficionados from all over the world in defense of la Fiesta.More info from yahoo news click here

 March 2016 - Ivan Moseley presentation of "...to die in the skin of a rich man" an English tribute to Felix Robert (1862-1916) the first French matador de toros took place at the CTL March 2016 monthly meeting held in London, further information please visit CTL publications

Study of a Bull: Francis Bacon's last painting as reported by the Guardian, follow this link
February 2016 - RAFAELILLO's visit to the CTL and Toreo de Salon session reported on Spanish TV news Tele 5.
Temporada 2015 CTL Trophy Winners