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Club Taurino of London


The Club Taurino of London was formed by a small group of aficionados in 1959, with the primary aim of establishing a forum for English speaking aficionados wishing to share an interest in the Spanish bullfight.  


Since then the club has maintained an uninterrupted programme of activities and social events, and is now the largest club for English-speaking aficionados in the world.


Two further aims of the club are to  promote friendship and understanding between Great Britain and Spain and between the British and Spanish peoples, and to forge links with people of all nationalities who have enthusiasm for ‘los toros’. 

For more detailed information about the work of the club, and the benefits from being a member, we invite you to consult the next page: About the Club.



Club Magazine 

“La Divisa”

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Lunches and  meetings in London and Spain

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Photo competition for members

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Visits to bull-breeding ranches

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Information and advice for new members

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Books & Publications

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