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Memorabilia for sale-Luis Miguel Dominguin Capote de Paseo *

Back in the late 50s - early 60s, the beautiful daughter of an Irish baronet was living in the UK to get British citizenship to be able to divorce her first husband (as divorce was not allowed in Ireland then) and around that time she met Luis Miguel Dominguin, presumably in Madrid. They had an affair and lived together for a time in Madrid. It is posible he was married, wich was not an issue, at least not for him. He had a bit of a reputation for - er - misbehaving. She would talk of him fondly through her life and passed her love of the bulls on to her children. She told them his prayer was always “Dear God, if I am to be gored, let me be gored in Madrid”. This prooves a) he believed it was up to God to ensure that when the time would come for him to be gored, it be in Madrid, where his recovery was certain, and b) he feared being gored more than dying.

This capote de paseo witness of prayers, hidden love, and who knows what else, is the result of the afair.

Its owner is a descendant of the beautiful irish, english and is looking to sell it so that it gets where it needs to be . There is a small amount of age discolouration on the inside back edge. But very little and in general it’s in fabulous condition. If you are interested or would like to contact the seller please get in touch with ,

*The CTL has no affiliation to the seller , and takes no responsibility on any dealings related to the above

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