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CTL Publications

The Club Taurino of London is proud to announce a new edition of its booklist, probably the most comprehensive non-commercial taurine catalogue to be found. As in the past, the items are offered at prices unmatched elsewhere. We are delighted to include in the list contributions from past and present members, including unusual titles, postcard collections and paintings new to this catalogue; some old favorites, have reappeared, all at knock-down prices The prices quoted here do not include postage and packing. Where available, a guide to prices asked by other vendors is given, from which it will be clear that the Club’s offers are indeed very special. Sra. Rodríguez, mentioned a number of times in this catalogue, runs the famous Librería Rodríguez, in Paseo Marqués de Zafra, Madrid, one of the principal sources of new and mainly second-hand taurine books, and recently a client of the Club. She can be consulted online. This list replaces any previous lists issued on behalf of the Club, and is effective from 15 July 2020.


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