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6 VHS video tapes "Grandes Maestros del toreo" free to whoever wants them

If you are lucky enough to have a working VHS machine and you wish to watch some toros, please reply by adding a comment to this post and you will be gifted. Equally if you have seen it and will like to share your opinion, please leave a comment. This is the self-proclaimed First Taurine Audiovisual Encyclopedia, "Grandes Maestros del toreo". It consist of a 6 VHS tapes collection in Spanish, of 30 minutes each. Launched in 1993 with support of the Spanish DVLA "DGT" and Home office ministry, author is José Hernandez Gan, music is by Felipe Campuzano and comments are by the legendary Matías Prat Sr.

  • Tape 1- Las cornadas mas espectaculares de la historia (History more spectacular gorings)

  • Tape 2- Rafael "El Gallo", "Joselito", Juan Belmonte

  • Tape 3- "Manolete", Luis Miguel Dominguín, Antonio "Bienvenida"

  • Tape 4-Antonio Ordoñez, "Antoñete" Curro Romero

  • Tape 5-Diego Puerta, Paco Camino, "El Viti"

  • Tape 6-"El Cordobes", Palomo Linares, Paquirri

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