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October Newsletter

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dear Members I trust you are all well. After a bull-free summer we have been treated recently to a number of events which have been broadcast on the internet. I know that circumstances have persuaded some deeply agnostic members of the advantages of watching Los Toros on TV. To those still awaiting conversion, I commend Chris Penning’s excellent email digest of forthcoming televised events. Many thanks to Chris for giving up his time to provide this. October monthly meeting This month’s Club meeting will be on Thursday 8th October at 7.30 (UK time) and will again be hosted on the Zoom video-conferencing platform. Given the upheavals and controversies of this temporada Felix has proposed that we have a more informal meeting this month without an external speaker. Instead, we will have a discussion of some recent developments, such as Sebastián Castella’s decision to retire, “la gira de la reconstruction”, the recent spate of indultos and maybe Enrique Ponce. Following the lively and well-informed discussion in the second part of our last meeting, this should be a very entertaining event. Please email me by the close of play on Tuesday 6th and I will send login details. November lunch We will make a formal decision regarding the November lunch later this month, when we have a clearer view of what the regulatory position in likely to be by then and I will keep you informed. Best regards Richard

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